Bitcoin millionaire accused of drug trafficking

The Australian Transaction Reporting and Analytical Center stopped the work of two Australian cryptocurrency exchanges after examining their links with one of the organized criminal groups. One person was arrested. His name was not previously mentioned, but now it has become known that it is Sam Karagiosis, a millionaire and bitcoin investor, who became famous for setting cryptomattes in Australia and telling about his “sweet” life in social networks.
Last week, he was detained by Australian federal police, accusing 30 kg of drugs – cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine and ketamine. Karagiozis appears in 14 episodes of smuggling, transportation and storage of drugs.
Last week, Australian law enforcement officers searched the homes and apartments of Karagiosis in Marvern, Bullin and Templestau, where they found steroids, cash and cryptocurrencies.
Karagiozisa is accused of organizing a criminal scheme, in which he bought and resold drugs in his Darkbebe through his Bitcoin accounts, and also used his legitimate business to make payments and distribute drugs. The arrest was imposed on the property of a businessman, including bank accounts, real estate, cars, cash and cryptocurrency. The aggregate value of these assets reaches $ 2 million.

In addition, the work of two crypto-burgers belonging to Karagiosis was suspended.
When he was 15 years old, Karagiosis abandoned his studies at school and began working at McDonalds, and at the age of twenty he became a millionaire and decided to invest in Bitcoin.
In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Kirghiosis said that at the time when the price of Bitcoin began to fall, he lost $ 3 million.
At the height of his success, the young man drove a “Bentley” with the number of MRBTC and became friends with tennis star Nick Kirgios and his brother Christos, whom he sold, by his own admission, “some bitcoins”.
Later, Karagiozis tried to launch his own cryptocurrency Auscoin. He and other investors expected to raise $ 30 million during the ICO, but the plans were unsuccessful.
On March 7, Karagiozis appeared before members of the magistrates’ court in Melbourne, who denied him the opportunity to be released on bail.

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