Crypto Smartphone Review

How you rate Exodus 1, the so-called blockchain smartphone, which HTC has advertised in recent months, depends on your personal expectations. How to store a cryptocurrency smartphone? Not bad! But if you were hoping that Exodus 1 would bring the Web 3.0 revolution closer, then your expectations are unlikely to be fulfilled.
Actually, as a smartphone Exodus 1 is a pretty good device, and it is not surprising: HTC has a long history of smartphone manufacturing. In the end, HTC engineers were behind the development of the excellent first line of Google Pixel.

And yet, the main reason for the excitement around Exodus 1 is the blockchain. Yes, it serves as a hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies and allows its owners to control their private keys, which in itself is quite a radical step in a world where the data is new oil. But even Phil Chen, who heads the development of Exodus on HTC, recognizes that for now these are the earliest stages:
Now we are still working on the basics. We are convinced of its security and are working on a key recovery mechanism.
For a neophyte in cryptocurrency, Exodus 1 offers several options. It comes with a pre-installed Blockfolio (an application for tracking coin prices) and Cryptokitties. The centerpiece of Exodus 1 is a wallet called Zion, which supports bitcoin, lightcoin, ether, and several dozen tokens and collectibles on the ethereum blockchain.

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