Phone for hodler?

But the main question that you need to ask yourself before buying Exodus 1, is this: why should I keep cryptocurrency on my smartphone? You can lose / break the phone, or someone can steal it. Or want to buy a new one. Smartphones are not the best place for long-term storage of digital assets.
Yes, there is a special approach to security: a smartphone supports ARM TrustZone technology to protect your cryptocurrency. TrustZone is very hard to hack. But is it worth trusting this technology? And the more people start storing digital assets this way, the more popular it will become as a target for hackers.
Chen says that HTC is working on an alternative hardware solution for future generations of Exodus, for which an error search program was created in collaboration with the cryptographic community to increase the security of Zion. In any case, it is best to think of Exodus 1 as an ambitious experiment, and with an eye to this, take into account all the risks of storing cryptoactive assets.

When the question arises of the restoration of these assets in case of loss of the device, you, as already mentioned, have a seed for this. But Zion also supports the so-called “social key recovery”, which allows you to divide your key between three to five trusted contacts. You assign them through your Google account (!), And your list of trusted contacts is stored on Google Drive (!!).
Zion, among other permissions, asks “to view, edit, create and delete all your Google Drive files”, and the discord between this and the “new decentralized life” is alarming. (For clarity: this does not indicate bad faith on the part of HTC, and, most likely, is the most convenient implementation of the social recovery of keys. But nonetheless.)
In addition, social recovery of keys does not offer a solution in case of a quarrel with one of your friends or if one of them becomes unavailable for some reason.
So yes, experience with the blockchain remains under development. Samsung Galaxy S10 will also have special hardware storage for private keys, although the details of its implementation are not yet known.
Nevertheless, the Exodus 1 is a high-quality smartphone, especially for $ 700 (it sounds not very reasonable, but it is much less than the same Galaxy S10). The specifications of the device correspond to last year’s flagships: Snapdragon 845, 128 GB of memory and 6 GB of RAM, as well as a 6-inch display with good color reproduction.
As for the design, the front panel is like any other smartphone. No headphone jack (sorry!). The back of the HTC covers a thick transparent cover. The picture looks spectacular, but the glare in combination with fingerprints spoil everything. In addition, it is a bit slippery, so the suggestion suggests: put your smartphone with a cryptocurrency wallet in the case.
Exodus 1 is essentially the HTC U12 Plus, or at least a very close device to it, which differs only in a stylized back panel and cryptocurrency capabilities. Moreover, even without these cryptocurrency capabilities, Exodus 1 has a more attractive price tag ($ 150 less than the U12 Plus).

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